It’s been a few years since I conducted the FREE remodeling seminars.   They are starting again in February in Palm Desert, CA at the Cambria showroom on Cook Street.   I’ve taught these seminars to literally thousands of people over the course of my career.   Number one compliment has always been that the seminar was fun, fast-paced, informative and most importantly – NOT a time share condo presentation.   It’s not a sales pitch and no one tries to corner you or block the door to get your name, number and address to start soliciting you.

Remodeling can be equated to so many different scenarios.  The one I like is taking a vacation with no information.  You want to go on vacation; you need a vacation.   You get in the car and you start to drive.  You know during the vacation you need gas, food, place to stay, you want activities.   However, you just get in the car and start the drive with no details.  No map/route, no hotel reservations with confirmation numbers and costs; no concept of where gas and food will be.   Most importantly – you don’t have a clue about how much this vacation will cost when you get to the end of your journey.   Would you really do that?   Of course you would not.

Remodeling is the same thing.  You want to remodel; you need to remodel.   PLAN IT!   You will need a plan with details.   You will need to know the exact products going into the remodeled space and their costs; you need a schedule; you need to know the exact cost and how much time BEFORE you start the remodeling journey.

The remodeling seminar is a great place to start.   You will learn how to plan, what is the expected costs, where to shop for products, how to hire reputable people to do the work.   On time, on budget and stress free.

Look to the “EVENTS” section of this website to see the upcoming dates and times available.