Ask anyone who has remodeled before and they’ll tell you there is an overwhelming amount of detail to be addressed. That’s why you hire a professional. Create a design, get written specifications, work instructions and complete it with the cost. Then you know precisely what you are getting and you’re prepared for the process. Kathy Novo-Shumate, CMKBD, ASID, has been helping homeowners with these tasks for over 20 years and can help you too!

“We are now on our second remodeling project with Kathy. We did our kitchen last year and now two bathrooms. Kathy has the best eye for design and decor, is gifted at seeing this from the onset and is fun to work with helping us to ‘get our ducks in a row before the job starts’ so all flows smoothly once it does”.K.C. — Imperial Beach

It was a pleasure working with Kathy on my kitchen remodel.  Her sunny personality made this a fun experience for me.  I really appreciated her eye for design and color, but the most important thing was that she listened to me!  My new kitchen is everything my old kitchen was not – beautiful, efficient and built just for me.  There is nothing I would change.”  I.T.  – La Quinta

“We loved our house and didn’t want to move.  We wanted to do something with the kitchen.  We had our ideas but didn’t know if they were even possible.   Kathy turned all those ideas into a reality.  Her expertise in design gave us a kitchen with better function and a look we absolutely love.   She’s multi-talented in all aspects giving us advise on contractors, where to shop for products, how to reduce costs, and how to make all the colors come together.   We just keep asking ourselves why we didn’t do this project sooner”.   S.L.P. – Palm Springs

Kathy was so informative and helpful.  She had so many helpful hints and suggestions as to color, style and prices.  We couldn’t have done our whole house remodeling project without her help.  She was there every time I needed her.  I love what we did with the sunroom, kitchen and bathrooms.  We enjoy those rooms every day.  Everyone who comes over to our house makes very positive comments.  I have recommended Kathy to my friends and anyone who needs a designer for their remodel.  She is wonderful!”   MST – San Diego

“Some clients confess they don’t have a clue about what they want in a remodel; Kathy artfully helps them realize they do have a clue but didn’t realize it.  (I’m not Catholic but interviewing with Kathy must be something akin to what it must be like to be in a confessional).   She builds client confidence with the preliminary design interview and she listens, listens, listens!   We interviewed a couple of other designers and they didn’t pay a fraction of the attention she did to our wants and needs.  She presented us with multiple design ideas at different budget price points.  She wasn’t bashful about telling us she “doesn’t do ugly.”   She is spot on with the concept “form follows function” and once our design layout was done she did her magic with colors and product selection.   I trusted her to shop with my wife and was absolutely amazed at the deals they found and the money I saved.  The whole project was fun and easier than I imagined and always with a “yes we can” attitude”.    Don & Betty – Palm Desert

“Kathy is a genius.  She has this ability to walk you through the spaces in your home, ascertain wants and needs, then come up with ideas that completely transform it.   She paid attention to my budget which was very important to me.  She has an amazing sense of style.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.  She has my highest recommendation.   Every day I love my home and wouldn’t change a thing”.    SM – San Marcos

I wish I had more money so I could keep remodeling rooms in my house just so I can work with Kathy.   She is fun, smart and shopping for products with her was enjoyable.   I did not feel overwhelmed with decisions or intimidated by product details.   She kept me so calm.  My friends LOVE the paint colors in my home and they think I am lying when I tell them Kathy selected them in a matter of minutes.   She needs “Dr.” added to her title.  She listens to what is being said and does everything in her power to come up with solutions to keep you in budget.  Even when a couple of things weren’t possible, she didn’t lie about the costs but she came up solutions that are just as good and less than the budget.   She will be back next year for sure to work on my master bath”.    Joyful Joyce – Rancho Mirage